Beehive installation

On business properties

Installation of 4 branded beehives Approved by Conapi Bees. The programme involves a minimum commitment of two years and assists your business with 5 annual visits by an experienced beekeeper and periodic grass mowing.

Additional services suggested in the proposal

Beehive biomonitoring

Biomonitoring allows the assessment of environmental quality through the analysis of beehive matrices: the sample is taken by the beekeeper and sent to the laboratory for analysis for contaminants and heavy metals.
The outcome of the analysis on the welfare and development of the bee colony is then passed on to the company.

Electronic scale

A scale that detects and sends data on changes in:

• weight of the hive (hourly, daily, weekly and monthly gain or loss);
• temperature and humidity inside and outside the beehive.

Each colony will be monitored so as to have a complete overview of the health and productivity of the beehives.

This service can contribute directly or indirectly to the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030

Zero hunger

Pollination is crucial for increasing crop production and improving the nutritional value of fruit, vegetables and seeds. Recreating nesting and wintering environments for bees and other small pollinating insects is an effective way to provide them with a suitable habitat and strengthen declining populations.

Good health and well-being

Pollination plays a crucial role in plant growth and diversity, which in turn affects air quality. An effective strategy to raise awareness and address the alarming problem of bees disappearing from our planet.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Technology is designed to support beekeepers in optimising beekeeping activities, protecting bees and analysing environmental conditions by processing information from beehives.

Sustainable cities and communities

Bees are useful in monitoring air quality within urban areas and the pollination of urban flora supports better air quality.

Climate action

Climate change is a key challenge in sustainable development.
This project promotes actions, at all levels, to combat climate change.

Life on land

“The conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity is vital for social and economic development, as well as for the survival of mankind.”
Bees contribute to biodiversity through the pollination of terrestrial flora.
This project contributes to halting biodiversity loss.

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