The project

The certified protocol has been laid down, sealing the synergy between virtuous businesses and pollinators, together for the dissemination and protection of biodiversity.

We cultivate the certainty that every organisation – regardless of its type of activity and geographical location – wants to become an integral part of the future and the education of future generations.

We want to promote the culture of pollination and the spread of this indispensable practice for the propagation of life, by bees and other pollinating insects. We will support the concrete commitment of businesses that through their responsible actions will themselves become propagators of life and the future.

The challenge for sustainability is linked to a new model of economic and social development that the crisis we are experiencing has made indispensable.

Each of our projects contributes directly or indirectly to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda:

Approved by Conapi Bees is the only label that demonstrates active participation in the project by businesses, enabling them to communicate their commitment through websites and social networks, product packs and other communication channels.

The trademark
approved by
Conapi Bees

It stems from the desire to spread socially responsible ACTION, the result of a concrete commitment, capable of creating and spreading value. It attests that businesses have embarked on a path of awareness towards the environment, biodiversity, bees and pollinators, people and communities through:


Creating the synergy needed to identify and cultivate the right space, everywhere, to protect biodiversity.


Not only doing, but also promoting the culture of pollination by involving everyone in the organisation.


Supporting and propagating the culture of respect, taking it further: everyone becomes the guardian of the space that they live and work in.


Every single activity will become an integral part of a journey, which, like life itself, becomes richer every day.

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